Thanh Pham Westerville South High School, senior

I want to develop a service or website that has them answer questions about a friend or loved one and then connects them with gift ideas

Ethan Dzinglski Worthington Kilbourne High School, junior

Connecting real estate developers and investors with green technology firms to use during the building phase

Elijah Chester Bexley High School, senior

I currently own and operate  designer clothing resale business. I want to expand my distribution and do it on a broader scale

Sohan Joshi Olentangy Shanahan Middle School, 8th grade

Eco-friendly hand sanitizer for third world countries where clean water is scarce

Graysen Foust Genoa Middle School, 6th grade

Website for selling slime for schools and kids to use

Tara Will Genoa Middle School, 8th grade

Portable mat to place under trees to catch leaves in the fall