Tomorrow’s Dreamers Learning Today

From advanced manufacturing methods to the internet of things, a new generation is emerging and The Point hails a new era for Otterbein University in experiential learning.

The Point offers students everything they need to learn, tinker, experiment, build, test, and compete in tomorrow’s economy. Valuable transdisciplinary skills born out of today’s fast-paced computing and manufacturing environment, yet tied to the principles found in in art, theory, design, and creative thinking, our students are emerging as skilled and workforce ready.

Hands on learning combined with a suite of sophisticated tools, labs and special manufacturing and engineering equipment, The Point is a one stop shop for learning, creating, and building.

It starts with education. The Point offers unparalleled access to multiple classrooms, outfitted with today’s latest technology- projectors, workstations and 3D printers. Students to learn how to design, model and print all in the same environment.

The education doesn’t stop there. Students, community and businesses alike have access to additional rooms and labs, such as the wood shop fully outfitted with CNC Axiom system and additional equipment allowing users to create art, furniture, molds or anything else you can imagine.

But wood isn’t the only thing you can manipulate. In The Point’s metal and machine shop, a suite of advanced tools allows you to bend, fabricate, and mill metal to any specifics you desire. Building a robot? Not a problem.

Feeling confident the first stop in your journey of imagination, education and making is the rapid prototyping center, where high end commercial grade 3D printers await, refine your ideas to perfection.

Ever wonder what helps ideas get better- it’s people, at The Point it’s community and industry partners. Our center’s fantastic partners and opportunities for our students in the many startups and businesses that will The Point home.

With community comes engagement, opportunity, possibility and celebration. The Point will host numerous events in the coming months. From business to manufacturing methods, arts, and learning workshops- we will imagine, learn, create, envision and build together.


Westerville is nationally recognized as one of the “Best Places to Live” in the US!

Columbus State is Central Ohio’s front door to higher education.

Growing startups from ideas into businesses.

Nestlé’s Product Technology Center in Marysville, Ohio is dedicated to frozen and chilled foods research.

Accelerating Growth, Competitiveness and Innovation in Ohio’s Polymer Industry

Helping underserved individuals move toward self-sufficiency since 1966.

Ohio – the birthplace of Aviation with so much to discover –  you’ll find it here.

Worthington Industries is a leading global diversified metals manufacturing company.

The Team

Erin Bender
Executive Director
Office: 614-823-2941
Cell: 740-225-1079

Curtis R Smith
Maker Space and Laboratory Operations Manager
Makerspace: 614-823-2932
Cell: 614-701-7280

Celina Hu
Administrative Assistant
Office: 614-823-2942
Cell: 614-284-8818

Facility at a Glance

  • 61,000 sqft
  • State of Art Classrooms
  • 3D Printers
  • Wood Shop
  • Metal Shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Electronics Shop
  • Business Incubator

For Students

  • Unlimited Access
  • Classes, Workshops, Events
  • Internships
  • Industry Connections

For the Community

  • Membership Access
  • Classes, Workshops, Events
  • Co-Working Space

For Businesses

  • Membership Access
  • Classes, Workshops, Events
  • Co-Working Space
  • Industry Connections
  • Business Accelerator
  • Room Rentals
  • Office Space
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